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Commercial Video Store
5,000 square foot commercial space

The challenge of this project was to create a colorful, exciting, high-profile state-of-the-art video store out of an aging neighborhood Peroushki deli.

To achieve this, Osburn Design was given responsibility for every detail of the design, from macro to micro, including architectural and interior drawings, specifications, project management, and implementation.

In detail this included:
  • exterior and Interior Plans and Specifications
  • space planning
  • color
  • material Selection
  • lighting
  • display fixture design
  • signage
  • architectural and decorative elements
  • love of theatre, film, and entertainment arts – the challenge, surprise, and excitement they engender was the starting point for the look and feel of the store

The Osburn Design solution included providing complete interior architecture and interior design services. Osburn Design added a second story and renovated both the interior and the facade of the space - using the filmstrip and theatrical mask throughout as a unifying, whimsical motif.

In detail, this included:
  • designing the storefront to be an eye-catching landmark while keeping in harmony with an evolving urban neighborhood
  • merchandising one of the largest collections of digital and video rentals in the country, featuring more than 30,000 titles (compared to a typical video chain store of 5,000 titles
  • increasing the single-level 3,000 square foot space to bi-level, not to exceed 5,000 square feet
  • maximizing access to extensive video collections within tight constraints of floor space
  • developing an organizational lay-out that accommodates easy traffic flow while providing maximum store security
  • designing custom lighting, shelving, and display fixtures fabricated at lower cost than stock store fixtures
  • creating an on-premise café
  • providing separate, private office space
  • including a children’s section
  • incorporating Internet access
  • working within a limited budget

The result is the tremendous success of the store that exceeded the client's expectations. It is now a renowned San Francisco neighborhood video store known throughout the country for it's extensive selection of hard-to-find titles including independent and foreign films, cult movies and out-of-print classics.

Photograph by Mark Luthringer

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